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New Releases

Celeste and the Alien Bartender (Intergalactic Brides 8)
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Sale Price: $4.24

A desperate mother. A determined alien. And a romance neither expected.

Absinthe (Spirits 2)
by Julia Talbot and
BA Tortuga
Sale Price: $3.39

Barthe has been chasing his mate for too long. Will Rene finally allow himself to be caught?

2nd Edition: The Boon Collector (Soul Debt)
by Sara Jay
Sale Price: $2.39

Oh, Hell. Bane takes Tisha there to clear a debt but when freed, can she leave Hell without him?

School Boy Blues (Set in Stone)
by Kiernan Kelly
Sale Price: $3.39

Will anger and fear turn to love when two schoolboys reunite after ten years apart?

Talent Scout (Tales From the Margin 3)
by Mikala Ash
Sale Price: $4.24

Why do free will and common sense always go out the window when love crashes through the door?

2nd Edition: Terms of Payment (Soul Debt)
by Sarah Barimen
Sale Price: $2.39

Jack makes a Faustian bargain, but missed the bit where he'll be making payments to a male demon!

Alexa (Married to the Aliens 1)
by Ashlynn Monroe
Sale Price: $3.39

Post Economic Collapse Earth, Alexa's only commodity is her future as a bride - to a pair of aliens.

The Guardian (Las Vegas Tales 1)
by Amber Malloy
Sale Price: $2.54

Jack Stone's high school sweetheart is back in his life -- and she has a secret.

2nd Edition: Repossession (Soul Debt)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $2.39

His soul for twenty-four hours of sex. Who could say no?

Bouncer Bear (Faster Bobcat 2)
by Julia Talbot
Sale Price: $3.39

What do the hottest couple at Faster Bobcat need with a subby wearbear like Trey?

Ink and Bone
by Crymsyn Hart
Sale Price: $4.24

The bones foretold her destiny, but the ink spells her love.

2nd Edition: Party Girl (Soul Debt)
by Ayla Ruse
Sale Price: $3.19

Santos teaches Erin that some debts are hell to pay.

Delirium (Scorned Gods 2)
by Mychael Black

A cult of vampires is hellbent on starting a war. Their 1st target, Jason and bandmates Scorned Gods...

2nd Edition: Paid in Full (Soul Debt)
by Megan Slayer
Sale Price: $3.19

Ever danced with the Devil? I have.

Soul (Shifter Rescue)
by Sean Michael

Can rescued bear shifter Harry learn to trust Metro to share his past, as well as his future?

The Contract (Entangled)
by Daisy R. Miller

Hunter's dominant tendencies are exactly what Sienna needs to awaken her desires.

2nd Edition: Santa's Slay (Holiday Business 2)
by Stephanie Burke
Sale Price: $3.19

Jack Frost doesn't nip. He bites -- and bites hard.

Ribbons and Bows (Yule Tied)
by Marteeka Karland

It may take more than ribbons and bows to tie Jerrica to his side but Samson's up for the challenge.


2nd Edition: The Elixir Maidens (Blood and Soul Box Set 3)
by Kate Hill
Sale Price: $3.99

Sexy vampire drag queens reunite lovers who've burned for each other since the days of ancient Rome.

A Changeling For All Seasons 7 (Box Set)
by Stephanie Burke and
Willa Okati
Sale Price: $4.79

Eleven tales of Seasonal Magic from your favorite Changeling authors.

Haven House Vampires (Box Set)
by Megan Slayer
Sale Price: $3.99

Vampires and humans don't mix, no matter what fate says. Good thing Vampires make their own rules...


Illicit (Box Set)
by Marteeka Karland
Sale Price: $4.79

Four women risk everything to escape a dying Earth, trusting their future to alien Cluath warriors.

Private Eyes
by Mikala Ash

Tall, dark, handsome and a body to die for -- Colleen's new boss has the purest aura she's ever seen...

Chilled Champagne (Kline Agency)
by Ana Raine

Micah wants nothing more than to belong to Daniel, but that means facing his dangerous past.

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